Hello, gorgeous.

Electrical panel, electrical panel, on the wall. Who is the ugliest of them all? Oh stop it, we both know you are! When Sam and I first moved into our cozy little home, it was, of course, decorated in no way that we liked. And I'm not entirely sure the previous owners liked it either. It sort of had that "transitional home" feeling. All function, no beauty. And this home, with its hardwood floors and interesting architectural features, deserved a whole lot more than what it had been given. So, naturally, we painted every inch of the house before we moved in, all in an effort to try to make it better. Make it ours. Unfortunately, we were too young to know what "making it ours" ... read more


When filling out my wedding registry back in good ol' 2012, I added a lot of single-purpose gadgets. Panini press. Ice cream machine. Fondue set. You know, for all the paninis, ice cream, and fondue I was making on a regular basis. From scratch. In my tiny kitchen. I think we all know that wasn't happening. ;) For months, these boxes sat gathering dust before I exchanged them for items I would actually use -- like my Wusthof knives. But the one single-use gadget I couldn't bring myself to part with was my bread machine. Gifted to us by Sam's oh-so-sweet grandmother, I knew this was something that a gluten-free gal should learn to use. After all, paying $6/loaf for tasteless bread at ... read more